The Iconic Irvine Spectrum Center Giant Wheel

The Irvine Spectrum Center Giant Wheel is a prominent landmark in Irvine, CA, and an integral part of the city's entertainment landscape. Situated within the bustling Irvine Spectrum Center, this iconic attraction draws visitors from near and far. Information can be found here.


The Giant Wheel stands at an impressive height, offering riders breathtaking views of the surrounding area. With its vibrant LED lighting, the wheel becomes a mesmerizing spectacle after dark, adding to the allure of the Irvine Spectrum Center. See here for information about Discovering Irvine's Great Park: A Hub of Recreation and Culture.

Family-Friendly Experience:

Riding the Giant Wheel is a popular activity for families, couples, and friends alike. The spacious gondolas provide a comfortable and safe experience for all ages, making it an ideal outing for anyone looking to enjoy a unique perspective of Irvine.


The Irvine Spectrum Center Giant Wheel is centrally located within the Irvine Spectrum Center, surrounded by many shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Its convenient location makes it easily accessible for visitors exploring the area.


The Irvine Spectrum Center Giant Wheel offers visitors an unforgettable experience, combining thrilling rides with stunning views of Irvine and beyond. As a beloved landmark, it continues to delight guests and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the Irvine Spectrum Center.